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VoIP Providers

VoIP Providers

Comity’s Carrier Inbound Services delivers complete inbound voice services to customers around the world.

VoIP Providers


Comity’s origination service provides customers with access to local telephone numbers many states in the United States.

VoIP Providers


We offer a wide variety of termination offerings designed to suit the specific requirements of your pricing objectives and your individual traffic, quality and end-user profiles.

Reasons to Work with Comity

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Reliability
  • Premium Quality
  • Pricing

Welcome to Comity Communications

Comity delivers personalized communications solutions and unmatched service to business-class customers in some of the nation’s top metropolitan areas. We are the premier alternative to the ILECs, based on our abilities, breadth of products, and quality of service. Comity data and voice products – and our unique value-added offerings – help customers achieve cost-effective solutions to old legacy ideas.